Residential Solar PV

Helping Households Go Green!

Solar is the most popular renewable energy resource, here are some reasons why

  • Lower your electricity bills and save money.
  • Reduce your carbon emissions to help save our planet.
  • Reduce your reliance on the rising cost of power from the grid.
  • Store excess energy – With battery storage you can store excess energy for use during the day and night, as well as off-peak charge the battery using cheaper electricity.

Having dealt with residential homes across the country, trust us, we’ve thought of everything and more. We have installation team who will help with your solar – from start to finish. After installing solar and battery storage systems on residential homes across the UK our team can deliver a perfect solution to suit your requirements.

It’s a greener, cleaner, cheaper source of energy and is good for you, your budget, and the environment. Our professional solar consultants will provide the required help, advice, and the best solar solutions for your energy consumption needs.

We are committed to providing top quality service with particular focus on high-quality products and installation methods, making advanced solar systems available to our customers at an affordable cost.

How Does it Work?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels generate electricity using energy from the sun.  An inverter then changes the direct current (DC) electricity from the sun to alternating current (AC) which you can use around your home.

Any excess energy you generate can either be sold back to the grid or stored for night-time.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the benefits of solar for your home or business. The cost of solar PV panels are at an all-time low, and cutting-edge battery storage helps you save even more money and be greener than ever before.

Installations you can trust.

FSB Solar are members of HIP (Home Improvement Protection). This means your deposit & guarantee are insured (subject to receiving a policy).